Patient Transfers

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Whether to or from your home, hospital, or anywhere you need to be, our team can accommodate your transfer for a stress-free and safe experience.  

Our patient transfer services give you the option to use your vehicle, our caregiver’s vehicle, or have a companion with you when riding public transportation.

Care Provider:
Caregiver or Personal Support Worker
Minimum Shift Duration:
4 hours as part of a Care Plan
Shift Schedule:
daily, weekly, or monthly
Booking Notice:
within 24-48 hours

RT Medical’s Patient Transfer Service is a convenient choice if you need transportation and companionship support to get to your destination. At the same time, this gives your family peace of mind that you're in safe hands during transit.  

You can schedule this personalized service in advance so we can accommodate your needs, from lifting, transferring and providing post-transfer support. 

  • Trained professionals who can lift, assist, and accompany the patient during the transfer  
  • Rapid response during emergency and time-sensitive medical situations  
  • Assistance in taking notes during hospital visits, if needed  
  • Usage of the caregiver’s vehicle or patient’s vehicle, whichever is more convenient 
  • Companionship during public transportation ride  
  • Flexibility in scheduling to accommodate the client's preferences and requirements 
  • Providing post-transfer assistance  

Q: What is patient transfer service? 

A: Patient transfer service involves the safe and efficient transportation of patients from one location to another.  

For example: 

  • One medical facility to another  
  • Medical facility to a patient’s home  
  • Patient’s home to family functions 

Q: When should I consider using patient transfer services? 

A: Patient transfer services are useful when a patient needs to be moved between medical facilities for specialized care, or when transitioning from a hospital to home. It's also valuable for non-emergency medical transportation for patients with mobility challenges. 

Q: What types of transfers do you offer? 

A: Our services include inter-facility transfers, hospital-to-home transfers, long-distance medical transportation, and non-emergency medical transportation for patients with special medical needs. 

Q: How do I arrange for a patient transfer? 

A: After booking our service, you can contact our customer service team through our hotline or website to initiate the transfer process. Our team will gather the necessary information and coordinate with healthcare providers to ensure a smooth transition. 

Q: Is patient transfer service only for emergencies? 

A: No, patient transfer services are not limited to emergencies. While we do offer emergency medical transportation, a significant portion of our services is dedicated to planned transfers for medical appointments, discharges, or specialized care. 

Q: How do you ensure patient safety during transfers? 

A: Our highly trained medical staff and transportation team prioritize patient safety at all times. We adhere to strict protocols, use specialized medical equipment, and ensure that the patient's medical needs are met throughout the journey. 

Q: Are your services covered by insurance? 

A: Coverage varies based on individual insurance plans. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage for patient transfer services. Our team can assist with providing the necessary documentation for insurance claims. 

Q: Can you accommodate patients with special medical needs or mobility challenges? 

A: Yes, our services are designed to accommodate patients with diverse medical needs. Our team is equipped to handle patients requiring specialized medical equipment, such as ventilators or mobility aids. 

Q: How far in advance should I schedule a patient transfer? 

Our booking notice is 24 to 48 hours, but it's recommended to schedule patient transfers as early as possible, especially for planned transfers. However, we understand that emergencies can arise, and our team is available 24/7 to handle urgent requests. 

5 reviews for Patient Transfers

  1. Noah Reyes

    I had a positive experience with RT Medical’s patient transfer service for a medical appointment. The drivers were punctual and courteous, and the overall process was well-organized. The customer service team was responsive and helpful in addressing my concerns. I appreciate their commitment to providing reliable and efficient transfers for their clients.

  2. Harold Garrett

    I recently availed RT Medical’s patient transportation service, and I am impressed with their commitment to patient comfort and safety. The drivers were skilled and experienced, ensuring a smooth journey for my loved one. The entire team was responsive and reliable, making the process stress-free. I highly recommend their services for long-distance transfers.

  3. Anthony Briggs

    RT Medical’s hospital-to-home transfer service was a lifesaver for me and my loved ones. They transported my family member safely and comfortably from the hospital to our home. The medical staff accompanying the transfer were knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. The process was hassle-free, and I would definitely use their services again if needed.

  4. Anthony Wallace

    I cannot thank RT Medical enough for their exceptional patient transfer service. My elderly relative required specialized care at another medical facility, and the team at RT Medical made the process effortless. They handled all the coordination with the healthcare providers, ensuring a seamless transition. I am grateful for their professionalism and expertise.

  5. Christian Freeman

    I recently used RT Medical’s patient transfer service to transport my elderly mother from the hospital to our home. The entire process was smooth and efficient. The customer service team was responsive and helpful in arranging the transfer. The medical staff who accompanied my mother were professional and caring. I highly recommend their services.

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