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Welcome to RT Medical

Improve your health and wellness with our multi-functional healthcare organization. With RT Medical, you can access a range of medical products and personalized services.

  • Remote rapid COVID-19 testing services
  • Patient-focused online communities
  • Specialized dietary supplements

Delivered by an exceptional team of healthcare professionals and seasoned medical advisors to improve access to medical products and specialized healthcare.

Meeting Your Needs

A Comprehensive Range of Healthcare Products & Services 


Benefit from basic support and personalized guidance to prescription consultations and in-depth health assessments for your unique conditions.

COVID Testing Solutions

Protect yourself and those around you with access to proper testing and screening tools, while also helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.


Partner with an expert team that will work to ensure your go-to-market process is a success and adheres to Canada’s strict rules and regulations distributors must follow.