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Our Transportation & Shopping Package offers seniors convenient and reliable transportation services, ensuring they can easily access essential errands and appointments. Our dedicated caregivers assist with grocery shopping, pharmacy visits, and other necessary outings. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our comprehensive package takes care of transportation needs.

Care Provider:
Caregiver or Personal Support Worker
Minimum Shift Duration:
4 hours
Shift Schedule:
one-time only, no commitment
Booking Notice:
within 24-48 hours
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Our Transportation & Shopping Package provides convenient transportation and shopping assistance for seniors. It benefits individuals with limited mobility or those seeking additional support. Advantages include reliable transportation for appointments, hassle-free grocery shopping, pharmacy visits, and assistance with errands. Caregivers offer companionship and personalized support, respecting privacy and independence.

A one-off booking option allows flexibility for occasional assistance. Seniors maintain an active lifestyle while ensuring peace of mind for their families. The package promotes independence, convenience, and reliable transportation. It offers a helping hand, companionship, and efficient scheduling. With our comprehensive package, seniors can enjoy the benefits of convenient transportation and shopping support tailored to their needs.

  • Door-to-Door Transportation: Safe and reliable transportation to and from essential appointments, such as medical check-ups, therapy sessions, and social events.
  • Grocery Shopping Assistance: Support with grocery shopping, including assistance with creating shopping lists, navigating the store, and carrying bags.
  • Pharmacy Visits: Transportation and accompaniment to pharmacies for prescription pick-ups or medication refills.
  • Errands and Shopping Assistance: Help run errands, such as picking up dry cleaning, mailing packages, or visiting local shops.
  • Companionship and Assistance: Our caregivers provide companionship during transportation and shopping trips, offering a friendly presence and a helping hand.
  • Scheduling and Coordination: Efficient scheduling and coordination of transportation and shopping trips to ensure timely and hassle-free experiences.
  • Safety and Comfort: Ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for seniors, including assistance with mobility, getting in and out of vehicles, and handling belongings.
  • Flexibility: The package offers flexibility to accommodate varying transportation and shopping needs, whether a one-time trip or regular support.
  • Personalized Support: Our caregivers understand individual preferences and tailor their assistance accordingly, respecting privacy and promoting independence.
  • Peace of Mind: With our comprehensive Transportation & Shopping Package, seniors and their families can know that reliable transportation and shopping assistance are provided, enabling them to maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

4 reviews for Transportation & Shopping Package

  1. Joshua Harris (verified customer)

    RT Med Health’s transportation and accompaniment to pharmacies was a huge help for me. They made sure I got my medications on time and provided companionship during the trips.

  2. Stephen Clark (verified customer)

    The comprehensive package offered by RT Med Health gave me peace of mind. I knew that all my transportation and shopping needs were taken care of and I could focus on other aspects of my life.

  3. Chad Guzman (verified customer)

    The caregivers provided by RT Med Health for grocery shopping and pharmacy visits were dedicated and attentive. They helped me create shopping lists and made sure I got everything I needed. It was such a relief to have their assistance

  4. Katherine Rios (verified customer)

    I recently used the Transportation & Shopping Package from RT Med Health and I couldn’t be happier with the convenience and reliability of their transportation services. They were always on time and made sure I reached my appointments safely

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Transportation & Shopping Package