NMN Powder

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100 g of pure β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) powder. Our NMN powder is third-party lab confirmed to be 99% pure, with 1% moisture. Our high quality NMN powder is made available for use as a dietary supplement.

  • 500 mg (1 scoop) of β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide per serving
  • 200 servings of NMN supplement powder per package
  • Vegan-friendly, does not contain preservatives
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Pure NMN is our solution to living a long and healthy life. This supplement improves your body’s NAD+ production to slow aging and retain youthfulness.
Pure NMN supplements also keep your organs in top condition, improve athleticism, prevent obesity, and so much more.

Are NMN supplements better than NAD+ supplements?

NMN supplements are better than NAD+ supplements because they’re easier to absorb into your bloodstream, meaning you’ll experience the effects faster.


How much NMN should I take a day?

We recommend taking two scoops (500mg each) of our NMN supplement daily to maximize its benefits.


Who should take NMN supplements?

Everybody can take NMN supplements to benefit from its effects. However, pregnant mothers, children under 18, and people with known medical issues should consult a doctor before consuming NMN supplements.


What can I take with NMN supplements?

You can take NMN supplements with healthy fat sources like yogurt or avocado to boost its effects.


How quickly is NMN absorbed?

Research shows that NMN is absorbed from your gut into the bloodstream within two to three minutes.


NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a naturally-occurring molecule our bodies use to fuel metabolism and repair damaged DNA, among other functions.

However, many scientists believe that NAD+ production declines as we age. By the time you reach middle age, NAD+ reserves are halved. Lower NAD+ reserves mean our bodies become less effective at fueling metabolism, fighting disease, and repairing DNA. NAD+ decline is also related to heart disease, cancer, and neurological disorders.

If our body can produce more NAD+, it is widely believed in the scientific community that we can live longer, stay youthful, and be healthier. One way to improve NAD+ production is through NMN supplements.

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a precursor molecule to NAD+, which means our bodies need NMN to create more NAD+.

Taking Pure NMN supplements gives our bodies more material to create NAD+, increasing its production. By improving your NAD+ reserves, you’ll be one step closer to living a long, youthful life.

Improve Muscle Endurance

NAD+ processes glucose and fatty acids to keep our muscles strong. NMN supplements prevent age-related muscle decline by keeping NAD+ levels high.

Prevent Obesity

Scientific trials found that NMN treatments improve your metabolism, helping your body turn food into energy efficiently. When paired with a healthy lifestyle and diet, NMN supplements can prevent obesity.

Maintain Eye Function

Scientists found that low NAD+ levels contribute to vision loss and eye degeneration. Improving your NAD+ levels leads to healthier eyes and improved tear production.

Sharpen Cognitive Skills

NMN supplements dilate your blood vessels, improving blood flow to your brain. This means you’ll be more alert and focused when doing cognitive tasks. Additionally, consuming NAD supplements may slow cognitive decline in the long run.

Repair Damage To DNA

NAD+ is an essential molecule used for DNA repair. An increased NAD+ supply stabilizes your DNA, preventing damage and reducing your risk of liver disease.



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