Telehealth Services

Dedicated to Providing Quality Healthcare Products & Services 

With our public healthcare system struggling to keep up with the growing demand for care, we are striving to provide a trusted source for important health and wellness needs.

Our highly-qualified team of specialized healthcare professionals and operational managers delivers a comprehensive scope of expertise and a level of patient-care that goes above and beyond.

Harness the advantages of our specialized virtual services or access comprehensive COVID-19 support. RT Medical‘s incredible team of certified healthcare professionals is ready to connect, consult, evaluate and assist.

Get Paxlovid by RT Medical

Get Paxlovid is a simple, streamlined virtual process that gives eligible individuals access to a Paxlovid prescription.

Paxlovid is an oral antiviral medication used to treat COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms. It stops the replication of the COVID-19 virus in the body, which in turn prevents the progression of symptoms and reduces the likelihood of hospitalization.

Book a consultation with our medical care team to determine if Paxlovid is a fit for you.

Post COVID by RT Medical

Post-COVID (also known as long COVID) is defined by the persistence of symptoms or development of new symptoms that occur 4 to 8 weeks after COVID-19 infection.

Studies have shown that well over 10 percent of infected individuals will experience lingering or recurring symptoms after the acute phase of a COVID-19 infection.

In the process of launching Canada’s first national Post-COVID telehealth clinic, we provide continued support for individuals with Post-COVID by developing personalized healthcare plans that help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

Virtual Covid Testing

RT Medical provides observed virtual COVID-19 testing sessions that can be conducted from any webcam-enabled device.

These at-home virtual COVID tests are proctored by a trained healthcare professional.

Test results are delivered by e-mail in 30 minutes or less upon completion of the appointment.

The test result documentation provided is accepted for travel, the workplace and public events.

We serve travelers all over the globe and can ship tests to those who need them in Canada, the United States and Australia.

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