Psychotherapy Services

The Psychotherapy Services offered by RT Medical provide professional mental health support and guidance to seniors.

Good mental health is crucial for seniors to live happy and healthy lives. With activities to maintain mental acuity, memory function and overall cognitive ability as people age, our virtual psychotherapy services offer immense benefits.

$80.00/45 minutes

Care Provider:
Registered Psychotherapy
Minimum Shift Duration:
45 minutes (initial session: 1 hour)
Shift Schedule:
as per calendar availability
Booking Notice:
online video meeting
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RT Medical’s Virtual Psychotherapy services can benefit a wide range of individuals, including seniors who are facing mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, grief, or cognitive decline.

This service is also valuable for seniors who may be struggling with life transitions, adjusting to retirement, dealing with chronic illness, or experiencing social isolation. Additionally, family members or caregivers seeking support and guidance in understanding and assisting seniors with their mental health can also benefit from this service.

Our virtual psychotherapy services are only available for direct booking as an add-on to service existing home care patients.

  • Individual psychotherapy sessions tailored to the unique needs of seniors
  • Evidence-based therapeutic approaches to address various mental health concerns
  • Assessment and diagnosis of mental health conditions to guide treatment planning
  • Collaborative treatment planning involving the client, their family, and healthcare professionals
  • Support in navigating the Canadian healthcare system to access appropriate resources and services
  • Psychoeducation and guidance on managing mental health symptoms and improving overall well-being
  • Regular progress monitoring and adjustments to the treatment plan as needed
  • Referrals to other healthcare professionals or specialized services when necessary
  • Confidential and compassionate therapeutic environment to foster trust and open communication
  • Access to experienced and qualified psychotherapists specialized in working with seniors

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Psychotherapy Services
$80.00/45 minutes