Nutrition Counselling Services

Enjoy personalized guidance and support to improve your nutritional habits and overall well-being.
Our Nutrition Counselling Services offer virtual consultations with a registered dietitian, focusing on meal planning and health prevention strategies. Our team is specialized in multiple nutrition offerings for seniors and individuals with unique needs.

$130.00/45 minutes

Care Provider:
Registered Dietician
Minimum Shift Duration:
45 minutes 1h initial session, all subsequent sessions 45 min
Shift Schedule:
as per calendar availability
Booking Notice:
online video meeting
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RT Medical’s Nutrition Counselling Service can benefit a wide range of individuals who seek to improve their nutritional habits and overall health. This service is particularly beneficial for individuals with specific dietary needs or health conditions, such as those with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, food allergies, or weight management goals.

Additionally, individuals who desire personalized guidance and support in meal planning, healthy eating habits, and achieving long-term lifestyle changes can benefit from the expertise and tailored nutrition counselling provided by RT Medical.

Our virtual nutrition counselling services are only available for direct booking as an add-on to service existing home care patients.

  • Personalized nutrition assessment and analysis to understand individual dietary needs and goals
  • Virtual nutrition counselling sessions with qualified dietitians
  • Development of customized meal plans based on dietary preferences, restrictions, and health conditions
  • Education on nutrition principles, healthy eating habits, and portion control
  • Guidance on achieving weight management goals and maintaining a balanced diet
  • Strategies for meal preparation, grocery shopping, and healthy cooking techniques
  • Support for managing specific health conditions through nutrition, such as diabetes, heart disease, or food allergies
  • Collaboration with other healthcare professionals to ensure coordinated care
  • Access to additional resources, such as recipes, educational materials, and online tools for tracking nutrition
  • Flexible scheduling and convenient virtual consultations to accommodate busy lifestyles

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Nutrition Counselling Services
$130.00/45 minutes