Meet Our Team


Andrea Curry

Head of Operations

Andrea's Background

Andrea is an experienced organizational strategist with a proven track record of leading teams to their peak potential in a variety of settings. She joined the founders of Rapid Test & Trace in October 2021 and has been instrumental in positioning the organization for growth beyond COVID-19.

Andrea is a dedicated professional focused on enabling her colleagues to overcome the many challenges of a start-up operation in the health and wellness industry. She’s excited about leading the team at RT Medical as we embrace new opportunities in a dynamic post-pandemic economy.

Harkeet Chadha


Harkeet's Background

Harkeet is a life-long entrepreneur with expertise in supplier management, logistics, sales and business administration. He also has experience in real estate development and VC investment.

Sandy White


Sandy's Background

Along with co-founding Rapid Test and Trace, Sandy is an entrepreneur in the real estate and hotel sectors, writer, and former political advisor. He is a regular media commentator on Canadian and international political affairs for a number of Canada’s major media outlets.

Adam Singfield


Adam's Background

Adam is a marketing communications consultant with a background in digital marketing, stakeholder relations, and public engagement. His work with small-medium businesses impacted by the pandemic motivated him to take action and he co-founded Rapid Test & Trace in 2020. Adam aims to help Canadians gain access to reliable health care.

Amanda R. Riley M.A., OAMHP (she/her/hers)

REgistered Psychotherapist

Amanda's Background

I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to our community! I’m a down-to-earth, authentic, and genuine person who is also a skilled, informed, and passionate therapist. I am 2 years post-covid and am a Long-Hauler myself.

I help people who feel stuck in some areas of their lives. There are many different ways that we can get stuck. Maybe it is a behaviour that you are having a hard time changing. Maybe it is an emotional state you can’t get rid of. Or perhaps you have Long-Covid like me and want to talk to someone who understands. 

What I do is help people get unstuck. I work with adults to help you regain movement and freedom. My goal is for you to have less frustration, less anxiety, and less depression. Together we can make space for more joy, greater closeness with others, and develop a deep sense of meaning and purpose beyond being a Long-Hauler.

Dr. Apurawa Agrawal


Apurawa's Background

am a registered Physical therapist spent over a decade in human function, movement and maximizing physical potential. My expertise includes identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of prevention, treatment/intervention, rehabilitation

I use Physical and mental approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological, and social well-being, taking into account variations in health status.

I am passionate about motivating patients to re.ach their fitness goal.

Ash Dobbin-Mohammed (she/her/hers)

Medical director & Nurse Practitioner

Ash's Background

Ashley is an Adult Nurse Practitioner registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario. She graduated with a Master of Nursing from the University of Toronto in 2017, where she has since been an Adjunct Lecturer. Her previous 14-year clinical background includes critical care, cardiology/cardiac surgery, oncology, urgent care, and telemedicine. Ashley has a unique understanding of Long COVID as both the patient and the provider, after developing Long COVID following two COVID-19 infections. Due to this experience, Ashley is passionate about ensuring people with Long COVID receive the work-up and supportive care they need to cope with the debilitating nature of this condition. While there is no current cure for Long COVID, Ashley’s goal is to improve her patients’ quality of life. Ashley is based out of Toronto, Ontario and while most of her hobbies before Long COVID were activity-based, Ashley now enjoys abstract art, music, and spending time with her dogs.

Bee Richardson

Ecommerce Marketing Manager

Bee's Background

Bee brands herself as a Marketing Unicorn because she blends her experience with the right amount of creative inspiration, technical aptitude, & marketing fundamentals.

After completing her Honours Bachelor of Science, Bee embarked on a 12-year progressive marketing journey, working with brands as diverse as the University of Ottawa, Haygain, and Elanco Pharmaceuticals as well as running her own design and marketing agency for seven years.

Bee is a subject matter expert in online direct marketing, branding, SEO, social engagement, and campaign management. She was previously the Vice President of Global Marketing at Haygain, achieving over 90% increase in e-commerce sales in 2021.

Bee has spent time in both the not-for-profit and for-profit industries, and enjoys building highly engaging communities for brands of any size.

Boris Sucur (he/him/his)

Partnership Coordinator

Boris' Background

Boris is a lifelong learner and passionate pursuer of new skills across various disciplines. His years of experience in managing operational and supply chain logistics for start-up businesses has proven useful in handling the key responsibilities of his role as Partnership Coordinator.

Boris exercises his passion for supporting customers, clients, and patients by researching and establishing partnerships with best in class distributors, manufacturers, and service providers, helping make everyone’s experience with RT Medical and its offerings a high quality one.

Erin Monro

Customer Service Manager

Erin's Background

Helen Tieu RD, MAN, CDE

Registered Dietitian

Helen's Background

Helen is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and fitness enthusiast. She is passionate about helping others to improve their health and reach their body composition goals by making healthy, sustainable changes to their diet and habits. Her private practice, Diet Redefined, is focused on weight loss, though she services other areas of nutrition as well. 

Maya Boev

Occupational Therapist

Helen's Background

I am passionate about supporting people of all ages to gain independence, confidence and overall well-being through engagement in meaningful activities. I believe that a client and family-centered approach is important to building a solid therapeutic relationship that fosters trust and creates successes.

As an occupational therapist, I have experience working in acute care with a range of populations and conditions including neurology, orthopedics, cognitive impairment, geriatrics and general medicine. I also have experience supporting families and children in preschools, clinics, the home, and more through virtual therapy. Currently, I work in private practice, supporting both adults and children through virtual therapy. 

My passion for finding creative solutions to support people’s well-being has led me to explore the intersection of occupational therapy and holistic practices. I am passionate about learning how to implement integrative & complementary health practices such as mindfulness, breathwork, and yoga to promote healing and well-being.

When I am not working, I enjoy snowboarding, playing music, travelling, volunteering with animals, and spending time with my family.

Munish Joshi

Manager of Virtual Care and sales director

Munish's Background

Munish Joshi has over 20 years of sales, marketing, and customer service experience in healthcare and non-health sectors. His diverse experience helps enhance the customer journey and improve how we provide care and support to our patients, customers, and clients without sacrificing quality.

Prior to joining RT Medical, Munish provided sales and training on a variety of COVID related products and presented a social media marketing course at the A.G.D. (Academy of General Dentistry) and other medical events.

Shadey Grant

Virtual Team Lead & Registered Nurse

Shadey's Background

Shadey Grant is a passionate and dedicated Nurse with experience in various medical settings, such as Community Health, Emergency Medicine, and Palliative/Oncology care.


Her work ethic has been recognized as diligent, compassionate, determined, and committed to providing patient-centred care. Upon achieving her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, Shadey sought to contribute and better the health of society. By leading and supporting her fellow staff members, she has prompted utmost care.


Shadey is a life-long learner and continues to expand her knowledge through attending seminars and workshops. She began her time with Rapid Test and Trace as a live agent and was successfully elevated to team lead. She is excited to grow with the company and innovate within administrative healthcare.