About Us

RT Medical’s Commitment

Providing care for a family member is a challenging responsibility for many people. Finding help can trust to deliver dependable, compassionate, high-quality support doesn’t need to be a burden.

Our experienced Care Team is here to help you through the entire process. Throughout your journey, you can count on RT Medical to deliver the care you need.


Entrusting us with your family member’s well-being is a responsibility we take seriously. Our goal is to establish clear boundaries and earn your confidence every day by demonstrating competence, experience, respect, and integrity in all aspects of your care plan.


Reliability is the greatest quality a caregiver can offer. Working with our Care Team means you can reliably expect to be treated with respect, professionalism, empathy, and kindness. It also means we always honour our scheduled shifts and commitments and take responsibility for our actions.


Our Care Team will always be straightforward with you about our services and how your loved one is doing in our care (good or bad). From being upfront about our pricing and staff availability to sharing clear and timely reports, we’re here to help you make informed decisions.


Our Care Team is trained to be sensitive to your unique needs and preferences. It’s an approach based on effective communication designed to foster a nurturing and supportive environment. We’re here to help you and your loved one feel happy, safe, and well cared for.

Access and Availability

Your care needs won’t always work on a regular schedule. This is why we are accessible at any time to answer all your questions and to learn from you to understand how best to help your loved one. Rest assured, we will prioritize your well-being and best interests.

Home Care Program

Quality senior care programming is complex and must consider several factors to ensure staff is appropriately trained and able to provide the support required. Under the guidance of Medical Director, Ash Dobbin-Mohammed, our Seniors’ Care Program incorporates thoughtfully developed policies, procedures, models of care, training, and quality assurance.


Ash Dobbin-Mohammed

Medical Director

Ash is an Adult Nurse Practitioner registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario. She graduated with a Master of Nursing from the University of Toronto in 2017, where she has since been an Adjunct Lecturer. Her previous 14-year clinical background includes critical care, cardiology/cardiac surgery, oncology, urgent care, and telemedicine. Ash is passionate about improving her patients’ quality of life and ensuring people receive the supportive care they need to cope with a life-changing condition. Ash is based out of Toronto, Ontario, and enjoys abstract art, music, and spending time with her dogs.


Shadey Grant (RN)

Senior Care Manager

Shadey Grant is a dedicated nurse with experience in Community Health, Emergency Medicine, and Palliative/Oncology care. She is known for her diligent and compassionate approach to patient-centred care and was recognized for her hard work. After obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Shadey committed herself to improving health outcomes.  

As Senior Care Manager at RT Medical, she strives to support her colleagues to provide the best care. Shadey is a continuous learner, attending seminars and workshops to further her knowledge and eager to grow with the company and drive innovation in administrative healthcare. 

The Right Fit for You

To provide the high-quality support you deserve, our care workers are matched to the requirement of your care plan based on the language spoken, skills, interests, likes, and dislikes.

Rest assured; our care workers are also:

Specially trained

Screened for Police background checks

Vulnerable sector check

Insured and bonded

Covered by WSIB

Given ongoing training

Help is Here

Whether you’re in urgent need of a qualified home care professional or just beginning to plan for this next important chapter in your life, our Care Team is here to help. If you need support, please use this form to get in touch.